Hollywood, CA Concrete Cutting and Demolition Company

There are several important factors that go into making a concrete cutting and demolition company trustworthy. Since 1985 Intracut has consistently been a trusted partner for contractors and businesses in Hollywood and the surrounding Los Angeles, CA area. Here’s why…

We’re Full-Service

Being a full-service concrete cutting and demolition company means you can trust us to have the equipment, tools, and expertise to say “yes” to almost any request you have. For you, this means you don’t need to hire and coordinate with as many vendors. This can save you time and hassle as well as cost. It also lowers the chance of miscommunication and poor results while greatly increasing the likelihood of achieving the exact results your Hollywood demolition or concrete cutting project requires.

The staff at Intracut is trained and prepared to help you with these services:

  • Concrete cutting and sawing for horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, and small openings.
  • Electric or hydraulic concrete drilling.
  • Concrete coring through materials such as rock, asphalt, and brick from ¼” to 36” in diameter.
  • Demolition including whole-site, partial- site, hard material, soft material, precision, and confined space robotic.
  • Disposing and hauling away of debris using roll-off containers.

We’re Proactive

Being proactive in our line of work is essential. Most projects have many moving parts. Correctly planning and anticipating anything that could go wrong allows us to stay on-time and within budget. With over 30 years of experience, Intracut can be trusted to not be caught off guard.

Proactivity is involved in:

  • Thoroughly understanding what each client wants.
  • Anticipating any hinderances or unusual circumstances.
  • Sequentially planning a Hollywood project from beginning to end.
  • Procuring the right amount and type of materials.
  • Coordinating with other contractors who will be on-site before, after, or alongside us.
  • Communicating clearly and often.
  • Having reliable operating and safety procedures.
  • Keeping equipment optimally maintained.
  • Staying up with current regulations.
  • Precise scheduling of staff and equipment.
  • Conducting advanced operator training.
  • Staying licensed, fully-insured, and bonded.
  • Developing and deepening relationships with local contractors.
  • Ensuring competitive pricing.

We’re Experts

Unfortunately, not all Hollywood concrete cutting and demolition planners and operators are the same. There is no substitute for experience in becoming an expert others can completely rely on and trust. Although we continue to learn, the hard years of inexperienced on-the-job training are long behind us.

Intracut has had the fortune of having guidance and mentorship in the past and feel compelled to pay it forward. We now guide our customers through things they didn’t realize they should consider or ask. Our staff loves to add value beyond just getting the job done!

Intracut’s concrete cutting and demolition expertise is evidence by our:

  • Customer Satisfaction Levels
  • Amount of Repeat Customers
  • Customer Referral Rate
  • Safety Record
  • Reputation Within the Industry
  • … and much more!

We’re Relatable

We’re a business also. As a family owned service based business we understand and appreciate both the joys and pressures of serving others. Each employee is honest, personable, and relates well with customers, colleagues, and coworkers. We’ll enjoy relating and getting to know you too!

How can Intracut help with your current or next Hollywood demolition or concrete cutting project?

Contact us at 800-598-5756 or online to find out. Let’s touch base to see if our services are a good fit with what you need. If so, we’re ready to assist!