Sun Valley, CA Concrete Cutting and Demolition

Contact the pros at Intracut when your project in Sun Valley, CA requires concrete cutting and demolition. Whether you are a new or repeat customer, we guarantee clear and direct transparency throughout every stage of the concrete cutting and demolition process. We employ an experienced in-house team of highly trained and experienced specialists to make your construction project a success.

Count on Intracut to finish on schedule and on budget

Every general contractor and construction company wants their projects completed “on time” and “on budget”. Even better would be “ahead of schedule” and “under budget”. It’s crucial they hire the necessary contractors with a solid reputation for completing their work on time without taking shortcuts. There is no “second chance” when a sub-contractor fails to meet their obligations. They never settle for mediocrity.

With over 30 years operating in Sun Valley and surrounding San Fernando Valley region, Intracut has become the most trusted companies to hire for residential, commercial, or industrial concrete cutting, core drilling, or demolition.

In a recent customer feedback survey, customers were asked to rank the top 5 reasons why they enjoyed working with Intracut. Here are the results:

  1. Intracut has extensive experience and industry knowledge. They know the business.
  2. Intracut employees are customer-focused, motivated and passionate to work hard for their customers.
  3. Intracut owns and operates an extensive array of machinery and equipment for all types of concrete cutting and demolition tasks. They maintain their equipment regularly to avoid a breakdown that would result in a project delay. We take the planning process very seriously.
  4. Intracut is meticulous to plan and execute every project from start to finish. They have excellent organizational and communication skills.
  5. Intracut is a family-owned business that has survived for over 30 years in Los Angeles by being versatile and adaptable. They engender a sense of honesty and trust with their customers.

Have a concrete cutting or demolition project in mind?

Intracut is a full-service concrete cutting and demolition contractor in Sun Valley and all of surrounding San Fernando Valley. We handle the job from conception to completion. Whether it be pulling permits or hauling concrete debris from the worksite to a recycling depot, Intracut is there for you.

  • Our demolition services include the selective removal of soft and hard materials from whole buildings or partial sites. We employ robotic demolition when applications demand precision in confined spaces.
  • Our concrete cutting and coring services are used on horizontal surfaces, vertical surfaces, and other opening configurations. We can cut and drill though all types of construction materials including brick, asphalt, rock, and regular or reinforced concrete.

If you’re ready to hire a dependable and competent team for any or all of services, give Intracut a call at (800) 598-5756 or contact us online. We’ll provide you the type of consistency and stability that you’d expect from seasoned professionals