North Hollywood Concrete Cutting and Demolition Services

Do you need help with a North Hollywood concrete cutting, core drilling, or demolition project? If so, Intracut is here to assist! Our experience, professionalism, and high quality standards have allowed our customers to hand off important parts of their projects to us with confidence and ease since 1985.

What is Your Concrete Sawing, Core Drilling, and Demolition Company Known For?

Here’s what our customers in North Hollywood thank us for most:

  • Great Service
  • Absolute Honesty
  • Unwavering Perseverance
  • Competitive Rates
  • Excellent Results
  • Full-Service Approach

What is Intracut’s “Full-Service Approach” to Concrete Cutting and Demolition?

To us, those few words encompass our enormous drive and commitment to thorough planning and taking everything off your plate that we possibly can. This reduces unexpected delays, increases satisfaction, and frees up more time for you to work on other aspects of your project or business.

To explain further, these are the 6 steps involved:

  1. Exploration – After deciding that we are a good fit to work together, we spend a few minutes asking additional questions. For example we may ask:
    – Are there any possible location hinderances such accessibility or street traffic?
    – Are there any expectations you or your clients have that are unique or out of the ordinary we should be aware of?
    – What do you imagine the results would look like if they were performed above and beyond your expectations?
    We may also look into what permits are needed for the type of work being performed or the location that it is being performed in.
  2. Confirmation – Based on what our exploration uncovers, we’ll confirm exactly what you want us to take care of so we can all move forward on the same page without anything getting duplicated or missed.
  3. Planning – Pre-planning is essential and our project planners are experienced not only in sourcing and scheduling but also in anticipating contingencies. Everything discovered in the exploration phase plus everything we can think of from our 3+ decades of experience that could apply to your project is thoughtfully taken into account. Even if we have worked together before, we don’t assume similar projects are entirely the same. We know that having the exact right process, equipment, operators, and results for each individual project is critical.
  4. Training – All of our office staff, planners, and operators are highly skilled and knowledgeable. However, staying up with new regulations, technology, and best practices helps us serve our customers even better. We love to learn and make time to upgrade our skillsets and industry knowledge. Staying relevant allows us to be a vast resource that our customers can rely on.
  5. Execution – Planning, training, and having a large inventory of well-maintained equipment allows our operators to do an extensive variety of tasks both simple and complex. Also, we’re always looking out for ways to provide extra value so you don’t have to unnecessarily hire additional vendors.
  6. Haul Away – Every North Hollywood concrete cutting or demolition project has waste. Letting us take care of this is one less thing you will need to do. We use roll-away dumpsters and organize debris to meet California’s state recycling requirements.

How Do I Get Started with Demolition or Concrete Cutting Help in North Hollywood?

It’s easy! Contact Intracut at 800-598-5756 or online so we can listen to what you need and explain how we can help. Together we can make it happen.