Demolition And Concrete Cutting Services In Glendale, CA

Whenever precise and reliable demolition and concrete cutting services in Glendale are needed, Intracut is ready to help! We’ll put our expertise to work and propel you towards the achievement of your project goals quickly and affordably.

Our experienced team of planners, operators, and support staff have been serving Los Angeles County contractors for more than three decades. As a family owned business we are people oriented and value hard work. We know you work hard too! That’s why it’s both a thrill and a humbling experience to step back and realize the gravity of what we have helped others accomplish and the quality of professional long-term relationships we have made.

How To Select A Glendale Concrete Cutting Or Demolition Company

When selecting a concrete cutting or demolition company for a Glendale based construction project, it’s worthwhile to consider the following:

  • Expertise: Working with an experienced company like Intracut is not only important to ensure quality work but also to ensure a comprehensive plan is put in place before any concrete sawing, coring, cutting, or demolition work begins. Companies that are too eager to get started without proper planning may cost you more time and money in the long run. Our skilled planners know this and have your back! A detailed methodical process is used to catch both common and project specific problems before they occur. A comprehensive work plan can then be established that will lead to a desired result without errors or delay.
  • Professional Interaction: When it comes to interacting with another company you’re relying on professionally, making sure there is a good interpersonal fit can be more important than some people initially realize. At Intracut we value being attentive, clear, upfront, honest, and friendly. We also promptly follow through so you have a hassle-free experience that provides relief rather than aggravation. Our employees enjoy helping each other and consider each customer part of our Intracut family. Our customers tell us this goes a long way in making us an enjoyable concrete sawing and demolition company in Glendale to work with.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: With so many parts to a demolition or concrete cutting or coring project, it can take an extraordinary amount of time to coordinate all the pieces. At Intracut we take on as much as possible so you can focus your efforts elsewhere. For example, we don’t just do concrete cutting and demolition. We also take care of the necessary permitting, building code compliance, and waste disposal aspects to make things easier for you.
  • Licensure: The Contractors State License Board was established in 1929 to protect California consumers. Unlicensed companies may put your business and reputation at risk. Rest assured that Intracut is licensed by the CSLB and is also fully insured and bonded.
  • Care for the Planet: Do you care about recycling? We do too! You’ll be glad to know that planning for the reuse and recycling of as much material as possible is part of our regular process.

Types of Concrete Cutting & Demolition by Intracut in Glendale

At Intracut, we perform a variety of concrete and demolition work including:

  • Horizontal surface flat, slab, and push sawing
  • Vertical surface wall cutting
  • Small opening hand and chain sawing
  • Electric and hydraulic drilling
  • Concrete, rock, asphalt, and brick coring (1/4” to 36” diameter)
  • Whole and partial site demolition
  • Hard and soft material demolition
  • Precision and confined space robotic demolition
  • Roll-off container and haul away services

Get Your Glendale Sawing, Coring, Or Demolition Project Started

Whether you already know the exact type of concrete cutting, sawing, coring, or demolition work you need or you only know what you want to accomplish and need some advice, reach out to us at 800-598-5756 or online. We’re here to help and have you covered!