Chatsworth Concrete Cutting and Demolition Services

Depending on what you want to accomplish, the concrete cutting or demolition services you need in Chatsworth, CA may be simple or complex. However, regardless of the size or scope of your San Fernando Valley project, this type of work can introduce unanticipated hazards and cost if there isn’t proper planning.

A lack of planning can lead to unexpected delays that can greatly hinder the overall progress of a renovation or construction project’s timeline. Luckily a skilled concrete cutting and demolition company such as Intracut has experienced staff members who use reliable planning and execution systems to stay safe, on-time, and within budget.

How Should I Prepare For My Project?

Since 1985 Intracut has been helping homeowners, contractors, and other business owners successfully complete their Chatsworth concrete cutting and demolition projects. At the beginning of the planning phase, our highly experienced planners will be asking you a series of pertinent questions. From there we can establish and relay the best preparation steps for you to take.

From the start however, it is beneficial to have a clear idea of:

  • What you want accomplished
  • When you want the work to be performed
  • What budget you are working with
  • Any unusual circumstances we should be aware of upfront
  • What has or hasn’t worked well for you in the past when working with other concrete cutting or demolition companies
  • The details related to anything out-of-the-norm you are requesting

A seemingly small but often very valuable piece of preparation advice is to let nearby home or business owners know when your Chatsworth concrete cutting or demolition work will begin and end. Advanced warning will help them plan ahead for things such as greater than normal noise levels or roll-off dumpsters taking up street or parking lot space.

Does Intracut Do Concrete Coring in Chatsworth?

Yes we do. In addition to concrete cutting and sawing, we do concrete coring and drilling too. Cores with a diameter of ¼” to 36” can be created at any depth or angle using various types of diamond cutting drills. These precise and powerful tools can also be used for concrete that is reinforced with steel and in areas that are made of asphalt, rock, or brick.

Does Intracut Take Care of Concrete Removal in Chatsworth?

Yes. We use dumpster rentals from Metropolis Disposal to remove concrete and other debris from residential and commercial worksites. Whether you need concrete removed as a standalone service or as part of a broader Chatsworth concrete cutting or demolition project, we are here to help. At Intracut we take pride in removing your waste so you don’t have to.

Professionals Are Ready to Assist

Intracut’s close group of dedicated professionals give both repeat and new Chatsworth customers a great experience and exceptional results. Give us a call at 800-598-5756 or reach out online so we can get you started. We won’t let you down!