Concrete Cutting and Demolition in Pasadena, CA

Since 1985, Intracut’s staff have been serving regular and one-time Pasadena customers with high quality concrete cutting, demolition, and removal projects of all sizes. We are family owned and take pride in giving our clients all the attention they need and ensuring the results they desire are fully achieved. Our high level of expertise doesn’t get in the way of our ability to listen or ask pertinent questions to give you the exact results you are looking for. Together we can accomplish quality results for your next project regardless of size or level of complexity.

Your success is what drives us to be our best each and every day. From simple or routine tasks that are easily completed to complex or unique situations that require a high level of planning or problem solving, we’ve got you covered by taking pride in everything we do. Meeting or exceeding deadlines and staying within budget never means cutting corners. We expect excellence with our concrete, demolition, and removal work in Pasadena, CA and know you do too!

Our Services in Pasadena

When we first decided which services Intracut would provide to our Pasadena customers, we knew we wanted to take as much off their plates as possible. We figured that the more we did, the more our clients would have time to focus on other important matters that kept their clients happy and their businesses growing.

  • Debris Haul Away
  • Recycling

Having a comprehensive and complementary suite of services has turned out to be one of Intracut’s key success factors. We often see, for example, the relief our first-time customers feel when they learn Intracut can handle not only their Pasadena concrete cutting, sawing, coring, and demolition but also their haul away needs. We have been told that having less to coordinate and worry about is one of the many reasons our customers keep coming back to work with us.

What Type of Projects are Intracut’s Services Used For?

Pasadena contractors and businesses choose Intracut’s services at construction sites for a variety of applications. Common uses include:

  • Sidewalk/driveway/curb/parking lot/gutter/fountain removal
  • Pipe/wire trenching
  • Window/door/stairway openings
  • Wall separations
  • Corner finishing
  • Tight space cutting
  • Floor/ceiling/wall openings
  • Passages for electrical/plumbing/anchoring bolt/HVAC installation
  • Building removal
  • Commercial strip-outs
  • Residential renovation preparation demolition
  • Office and other enclosed space demolition
  • Debris disposal & haul away

What do you need for your current or next project? Call us at 800-598-5756 and we’ll help!

What Makes Intracut a Trusted Concrete and Demolition Company?

You’re Valued – At Intracut, every customer is appreciated, considered part of our family, and supported to succeed. Whether this is your first time hiring a concrete cutting or demolition contractor or you’ve done it more times than you can count, you’ll experience a smooth and reliable process that’s customized just for you.

Extraordinary Planning – What’s the use of a project schedule if there isn’t a comprehensive well thought out plan behind it? Not much! Doing our job upfront eliminates foreseeable problems ahead of time so we can keep on schedule and not hold you up.

Quality Work – We aren’t just concerned about getting a concrete cutting or demolition job done. We’re committed to getting it done right. Highly experienced specialist are paired with the right tasks, plans, and equipment in the best sequence to ensure superior results.

Accountability – Who wants to work with a company that blames others and makes excuses? Nobody! Luckily, that isn’t in our DNA or tolerated by anyone at Intracut. We’re a team of professionals who each take responsibility because it’s part of our company culture and gives us personal pride in our work.

By The Book – Intracut devotes time and resources into keeping our company covered, compliant, and safe so you can have peace of mind. We are licensed, fully insured, and bonded. We follow all codes and regulations. Having our equipment regularly maintained, operators highly trained, and explicit safety procedures followed at all times is how we roll.