Concrete Cutting and Demolition in Burbank, CA

Intracut is the concrete cutting and demolition contractor you can trust for all of these concrete services in the City of Burbank, CA.

Our concrete cutting company can handle all aspects of a commercial job which our Los Angeles County customers love! This allows them to spend more time focused on their own business rather than on tasks we can help them with.

Concrete Cutting & Sawing in Burbank

  • Flat, slab, or push sawing for cutting horizontal surfaces
  • Wall sawing for cutting vertical surfaces
  • Hand or chain sawing for creating small openings
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Core Drilling in Burbank

  • Electric and hydraulic powered diamond cutting drill work
  • Core holes from ¼” to 36” in diameter at any angle or depth
  • Cores drilled through steel reinforced concrete, rock, asphalt, or brick
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Demolition Contractor Service in Burbank

  • Whole building and partial site demolition
  • Soft material and hard material demolition
  • Selective precision and confined space robotic demolition
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We assume you too are on a tight budget and time schedule. Your reputation is probably also on the line with every concrete demolition project you are involved in. Our staff understands this and has your back!

What Can I Expect From Intracut?

Since 1985 our family owned business has developed long-lasting relationships and earned the respect of many contractors and other business owners in the Burbank and surrounding areas. We have steadily built our customer base by focusing on people in addition to our high quality concrete cutting work. Let us show you why we are such a reliable resource to affordably help complete your small or large concrete demolition projects with ease and give you peace of mind.

  • Professionalism – To us, professionalism with our Burbank customers is common sense. However, many have told us how much they appreciate that we also regularly live it as common practice. Although our owners, staff, planners, and operators are extremely personable, we don’t ever forget that we are running a business and that you are too! We also maintain an active license with the CSLB and are always fully insured and bonded to handle various commercial, industrial, and residential concrete cutting, coring, and demolition work.
  • Accuracy – Yes, our highly trained Burbank operators are extremely accurate in the concrete cutting, core drilling, and demolition they perform but we believe accuracy is also essential well before any work begins. Knowing the detrimental trickle-down effect inaccurate project plans, quotes and communication can have for all parties involved, we treat accuracy as a core value. It is held in the highest regard during all phases of a concrete removal project from beginning to end.
  • Perseverance – Staying steadfast and never giving up is part of our company’s DNA. Each concrete cutting or demolition project in Burbank is unique. When new situations or challenges arise we don’t hide them, get frustrated, throw in the towel, find others to blame, or quickly implement faulty solutions. Instead, we exercise our creativity, experience, intelligence, communication, and resources to thoughtfully resolve issues and productively move forward.
  • Useful Equipment – Many things make concrete removal equipment useful such as quality, regular maintenance, and use of new technology. It also matters how well an equipment operator is trained to use that specific tool or machinery as well as having the right concrete cutting and drilling tools and demolition equipment to match each piece of the job. All of this and more is examined and taken into account when we procure, use, and maintain the tools and equipment we heavily rely on daily.
  • Safety – Keeping people, equipment, and property safe is paramount. Without it, nothing else matters. Training alone is important and something we all participate in. However, knowledge alone is not enough. At Intracut, safe work practices are kept top-of-mind and we enjoy fostering a culture where conscientiousness both on and off job sites is the norm.
  • Reuse and Recycling – For concrete cutting and demolition jobs we recycle as much material as we safely and economically can. Sometimes materials are separated by us onsite and other times mixed materials are separated by others at a construction and demolition debris recycling facility. Did you know recycling concrete after removal can reduce overall water usage, road vehicle movements, carbon footprints, and material transport expenses? It can and we are glad to do our part on your behalf!

When Can Intracut Begin My Project in Burbank?

Earning the trust of new and current customers is what we do best! Give us an opportunity to earn a spot on your trusted vendor list. Call us today at 800-598-5756 or contact us online to get started with a quote for your next project. We’ve got you covered!

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