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Nippon Demolition Project


This project was completed in three phases in conjunction with the site owner’s operations.

Phase 1
During this first phase of demolition, we were required to saw cut and remove concrete from a wall for new window openings. Since the building was occupied, we used a Gradall and forklift to lift the wall sections instead of breaking with equipment which would cause excessive vibration and noise to employees working inside.

Phase 2
During this second phase, Intracut demolished the old office area which consisted of partitions, ceilings, and wood mezzanine floor. Before we began, KCS West installed a temporary wood barrier to separate the new office from the old office area for dust control. We used hand work at critical areas to protect the new walls. The wood mezzanine was removed using a backhoe and bobcat in a controlled environment to minimize dust in the existing offices.

Phase 3
During the third phase of demolition, Nippon Express wanted to create new loading docks for their business expansion while the old loading docks were still in operation. To achieve this, a section of the warehouse had to be completely demolished. Before beginning demolition, shoring scaffolds were installed to hold up the existing roof structure. Then, Intracut saw cut and broke the slabs for new footings and walls to enclose the area. These walls also served as dust and noise barriers for the occupied areas.

Finally, we were able to isolate the roof with hand crews and separate the structure. We then used our heavy equipment Excavator to pull the roof down and break the concrete tilt-up walls without disturbing any activity inside the building.

This project benefitted from the valuable experience of our planning team, foreman, and crew. Intracut is able to provide this unique type of demolition while keeping safety our first priority.

General Contractor KCS West
Construction Site:
Nippon Express
2233 East Grand Avenue
El Segundo, CA

Cost: $514,000

Services: Saw Cutting, Interior Demolition, Breaking, Hard Demolition, Removal

Sep. 2007- Sep. 2009


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